A new star on the nordic sky

The company is established in Riga, a few steps away from you.

Competitive prices is obvious.

 When it comes to inserting DR Online have a large fleet with a capacity of 4 000 000 envelopes / month.

In addition to inserting we also offer wrapping.

In our fleet we have a wrapping machine, CMC Ritmica WS30, 5 enclosure stations + bookstation, productionscapacity:  60 000 units within 24 hours.

A sharp manual section with a well-motivated workforce that handles small and large mailings. 

DR Online partnering with a Swedish company, SveaMail, which has many years of
experience in direct marketing.
It is a guarantee that your mailing will be handled properly, from notification to Swedish Post or Bring, via sorting at all possible levels so that your customer will get the best postage rates.

Our goal is to offer fast service to the best price.

Please let me know and I'll tell more about our facility and what opportunities this may create for you.